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February 2018

Research article:  Niels R. Disbergen, Giancarlo Valente, Elia Formisano, and Robert J. Zatorre (2018). Assessing Top-down and Bottom-Up Contributions to Auditory Stream Segregation and Integration with Polyphonic Music. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 12:121. 

Supplementary material and stimuli

September 2017

Reportage diffusé sur Radio-Canada  à l’émission “Découverte” sur notre recherche avec l’apprentissage du violoncelle:  “Cerveau virtuose”

Et l’article associé: “Êtes-vous né pour la musique?”

March 2017

Watch video of “Improving memory with magnetism”

Related article:  Albouy, P., Baillet, S., and Zatorre, R.J. Selective entrainment of theta oscillations in the dorsal stream causally enhances auditory working memory performance. Neuron, 94, 1-14.

November 2016

Watch video of “Playing musical instruments in the MRI – the brain on music”