Selected Press

November 2023

Why is music such a source of pleasure? How does rhythm affect us? These and many more questions about the connection between the brain and music are answered in an evening of discussion and musical performance. Robert Zatorre and Simone Dalla Bella, two leading researchers in the field, and musicians from the Montreal Symphony Orchestra guide you on a neuroscientific and musical journey:

À la découverte du cerveau musical

October 2020

Listen to Dr Zatorre’s interview with opera star Renée Fleming on the impact of music on stress and the brain:

The Impact of Music: Stress, Emotion, & the Brain

April 2019

Listen to Dr. Zatorre discuss musical pleasure with the Dana Foundation:

Why Do We Love Music 

July 2018

Article publié dans Le Devoir:

Explorer les sources du plaisir musical

September 2017

Reportage diffusé sur Radio-Canada  à l’émission “Découverte” sur notre recherche avec l’apprentissage du violoncelle:  “Cerveau virtuose”

Et l’article associé: “Êtes-vous né pour la musique?”

March 2017

Watch video of “Improving memory with magnetism”

Related article:  Albouy, P., Baillet, S., and Zatorre, R.J. Selective entrainment of theta oscillations in the dorsal stream causally enhances auditory working memory performance. Neuron, 94, 1-14.

November 2016

Watch video of “Playing musical instruments in the MRI – the brain on music”