Lab Facilities

Our facility includes a Digital Organ, Psychophysiology Lab, MRI Simulation, Audiometric Booth, TMS Lab, and EEG Lab. See below for images and detailed descriptions. We welcome other researchers to use our equipment. If you are interested in doing so, please contact us for more information.

Digital Organ

Psychophysiology Lab

The psychophysiology and eye-tracking room is equipped for eye tracking, psychophysiology, and behavioral data collection.

EyeLink 1000 eye-tracking system: A desktop-mounted eye tracker system with a chin rest and monocular lenses of various sizes, connected to Computer 1.
Computer 1: A Windows PC inside of the room that hosts the EyeLink 1000 software.

Biopac psychophysiology system: A portable MP150 unit, inside the room, connected to Computer 2 with the following amplifiers: RSP100C (respiration), EDA100C (electrodermal activity), GSR100C (Galvanic skin response — an older version), ECG100C (electrocardiogram), SKT100C (skin temperature), PPG100C (photoplethysmography), and UIM100C (analog inputs and outputs).
Computer 2: A Windows PC behind a glass window outside of the room which allows the experimenter to control and oversee the experiment from afar. It is connected to a monitor, speakers, keyboard, and mouse for the participant inside the room, and has up-to-date versions of Presentation, E-Prime, MATLAB, and Acqknowledge (for Biopac).

Psychophysiology (outside)
Psychophysiology (inside)

MRI Simulation

Audiometric Booth

The double-wall audiometric booth is fully equipped with a PC-controlled auditory stimulation setup, including an 18-channel audio interface, a TDT RZ6 audio processor, two studio monitors for free-field stimulation, stereo headphones, a 24” IPS monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Audiometric testing can be performed using an Interacoustics AD629 audiometer. The booth is electrically shielded to facilitate EEG measurements.

Audiometric booth (outside)
Audiometric booth (inside)


Classic TMS protocols, and rhythmic TMS.

TMS system:

  •  Magstim Rapid 2
  • 70mm Double Air Film Coil
  •  D702 Coil
  • MRI compatible TMS coil
  • TMS chair

Brain Sight:

  • Neuro-navigation
  • Mobile computer


  • Brain Vision EEG system
  •  64 channels EEG caps (Easy Caps), adult sizes (54 to 60 cm)
  • 2 TMS/MEG compatible amplifiers (32 channels per amplifier, BrainAmp DC). Note that the amplifiers are shared with the EEG Room.
  •  Brain Recorder
  • This system is also MEG compatible


Stimulus presentation:

  • Matlab
  • E-Prime
  • Presentation
  • TMS Remote control via parallel port (trigger 4)

EEG computer

  • Brain Recorder
  • Matlab
TMS room


EEG System with active electrodes

  • Brain Vision actiCap EEG system
  • 128 channels EEG caps (actiCap), adult sizes (54 to 60 cm)
  • 4 amplifiers (32 channels per amplifier, BrainAmp DC and BrainAmp MR Plus). Note that the amplifiers are shared with the TMS Room, and with the EEG-MR-compatible system.


Stimulus presentation:

  • Matlab
  • E-Prime
  • Presentation

EEG computer 

  • Brain Recorder
  • Matlab

The computers can be placed inside or outside the EEG room.

EEG room: Stimulation PC, EEG cap with 128 active electrodes, 4 amplifiers + two batteries, actiCap control Box. The stimulation PC is connected to the EEG-PC via parallel port. The EEG system is connected to the EEG PC via optic fibers
EEG Cap 128 active electrodes (actiCap).
EEG recording station (outside the EEG room). The screen, the keyboard and the mouse can be moved into the EEG room if necessary.

MR-compatible EEG system:

  • Brain Vision MR-compatible EEG system
  •  64 channels EEG caps (MR-Brain caps). Note that the caps are also TMS compatible. Adult sizes (54 to 60 cm)
  • 2 amplifiers (32 channels per amplifier, BrainAmp MR Plus). Note that the amplifiers are shared with the EEG Room.
  • Brain Recorder has to be installed on your own computer, we do not provide computers for EEG recordings at the MRI